About Mossy Stone

Mossystone was created with a singular goal in mind: to provide Canadians better online access to rare plants. It was founded by avid gardener Jordan Butterwick to help proliferate his favorite plants across the country.

We find Canadians are heavily limited in what we have access to due to the cold in the north. We want to change this and provide people with access to plants typical nurseries don't carry.

We want to show Canadians that their gardens can be something truly spectacular, with interesting plants and species, productive heirloom vegetables, and interesting tropicals meant to stay in a container or in the home.

Shipping information

Because of the cold, it can be difficult to ship sensitive plants in Canada. Due to this concern, we have to be careful with what we ship where and when. live plants cannot be shipped internationally and because we are located in Alberta, many cannot be shipped into BC.

We will do our best to ship your plants carefully and responsibly, with their specific needs and preffered conditions in mind.

Seeds may be shipped anywhere, and generally at any time during the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • International Shipping

    We do not ship internationally as it requires many specific phytosanitary certifications that are either too difficult or too costly for us to reasonably attain.

  • Domestic Shipping

    We will typically ship with Canada Post, although arrangements can be made for a preffered shipper.

  • Local Pickups

    We currently do not offer local pickups unless there is a good reason and an exception is specifically arranged beforehand.